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A Brief History of CCC

Cross Cultural Conversations was developed in April 2004 by Carel Wandrag and immediately tested with a group of volunteers from various backgrounds. Before the end of that year a total of five groups completed the whole program with extremely positive feedback from the participants.

One of the highlights of the first few months of CCC's existence was an outing by the groups to Mzoli's - a very popular hang-out in Gugulethu, one of Cape Town's townships. Since then regular trips to Mzoli's have been made by various CCC groups.

Late in October of that same year a CCC pilot group was started in a big corporate company in the northern suburbs of Cape Town - again with highly successful outcomes. A number of other companies and clients have also made use of CCC's services since then.

Various initiatives were born from the initial CCC meetings, the main ones being 'Invite-a-Friend' evenings (where new people were introduced to CCC), '2nd Friday' events (for past group members to interact on a social level) and a Conversational Dinner that was also attended by African American visitors to South Africa.

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