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They said...

Participants in the CCC program continuously give positive feedback on their experiences. Below is a few examples of what they said and the links on the left-hand side of this page contains information on related articles and images.

"Brilliant idea. The dialogue is powerful to break down barriers and stereotypes."

"The sessions really added value to my life and how I experience my fellow colleagues."

"It is definitely a value added to addressing diversity in the workplace. "

"The meetings created a secure space with a certain level of trust where people were able to be honest without the fear of being judged."

"The format of the meetings works extremely well in an atmosphere that is relaxed and facilitates interaction on a personal level."

"It gave me a real personal perspective - you can't read that in books. Getting insight into others' experiences gives me food for thought..."

"We need this in South Africa, we need a South African culture. We're giving birth to a new culture. "

"I hope to see CCC happening in the whole of South Africa, I'm very positive about what's going on. "

"I am looking forward to every meeting, seeing the guys and ladies, and having the discussions. It gives me a new perception of life - that it is not only about myself and my family. Keep South Africa talking!"

"CCC gives us a background and understanding, to learn not to take something only on face value. The topic on names was very interesting."

"I had a fab time and learned a lot! I regret the meetings that I've missed..."

"The exposure was very positive. Every person has his view of his or her own culture, but now I've started thinking about my own situation."

"I like the main idea of building relationships and am looking forward to every new group!"

"Very interesting and very necessary!"

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